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Finding mission may bring Qatar bench2016-May-23

Last November, the vast majority ratified International Labour Organization (ILO) Board of Directors (35 votes in favor, 13 against, 7 abstentions), forced labor camp in Qatar Mission. Highlights: World Cup in 2022 several reports condemning the site in recent years, foreign workers are fifa 17 ps3 coins for sale kafala system, exploitation and sometimes fatal accident victims.

Doha claims to have introduced binding rules for employers and workers more protection. Emirates even during the first Gulf country to give up part of a legal system of kafala ancestors. These arguments do not convince Australia Sharan Burrow, Secretary-General of the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC). For her, all these commitments remain in the form of commitments. Last December, it said that Qatar did not give up his "modern slavery." Trade union action and organize a fact-finding mission established by the ILO's decision to abuse weighed heavily in Qatar.

Twelve hundred workers died

Doha worried about this woman of strong temperament, it buy fifa 17 ps3 coins depends on the communication skills they launch attacks affect in Sydney, London and Brussels and strong international trade union network relay. ITUC confrontation between Qatar and lasted several months. And near the voltage does not drop. Today, the union accused the Doha blackened table have nothing to do with the World Cup construction site worker defense purposes.

Before Christmas, Sharan Burrow has passed in the report that about 7,000 employees will be using the venue construction in 2022 of the death of 1,200 workers have lost their lives since 2010, accused the ITUC to throw a new sensation. Doha disputed these figures. "No workers have died at the site, there is no reason to believe that thousands of workers in the seven years of the demise of the world's kick," replied the emirate. Its representatives to see all these accusations behind a huge operation designed to deprive the State of the World Cup organization.

Launched in March, reports of forced labor in Qatar ILO fact-finding mission could lead to a formal investigation. That is, if it is to make a decision, Qatar could have disastrous consequences. Since FIFA scandals and corruption allegations, has been deleted in the fifa 17 ps4 coins organization of the World Cup 2022 in fear of one of the candidates to succeed Blatter Emirates, Jordan Prince Ali Bin Hussein recently excluded Qatar won the subsequent offering, if elected. Unless the issue is not resolved Qatar hired workers to build stadiums ...... it is not a person in violation ajar. This is why the ILO mission to send generated not only in Qatar, but in all those who are in a huge project to prevent the loss of intense panic.

More excuses canceled

Since opening, the United States and Switzerland, surveyed around the soccer World Cup in 2022 to grant the alleged corruption, Qatar contract canceled question is about the table. Some countries, such as the push Australia, Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States back to the counter. ILO fact-finding mission may Zhashe the wrong side, if it is to point to serious abuses. Future FIFA Executive Committee may draw an additional reason to prove their retreat, and pay "salaries and Punishment mitigate the consequences," said connoisseur records.

The ILO launched the investigation are inseparable intrigue and power games accompanying the campaign's successor FIFA head Sepp Blatter, is scheduled for February 26. This is the International Trade Union Confederation and the International Labour Organization, is to cheap fifa 17 ps4 coins start the grass football field slippery. From the bench, hitting leave. Qatar Mission critics pointed out that some members may involve conflict of interest fingers. They also questioned his impartiality, which may impact the agenda. In their eyes is funded by "torpedo Qatar image" from the Bureau for Workers' Activities (ACTRAV) a list of employees to pay a huge price communicators and public relations companies. CSI affect the internal organization of the next FIFA and the FIFA presidential election Desire also adds fuel to the fire. It opens accounts for the ILO and its attachments is not prepared in the manner prescribed. Beyond the challenge faced by the organization of the World Cup, Qatar is not just want to be a shootout. Other countries, such as India take this opportunity to more directly with the International Trade Union Confederation to do battle.

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Union leaders refused to give up women2016-May-23

Women's soccer is at its highest level. FIFA believes that women's football has more growth potential, they are actively promoting world women's football. Major fifa 17 coins xbox one for sale competitions, events, campaigns and development programs are being emphasized and stressed tissue. The game system is encouraging and FIFA coins are becoming very popular women's league.

Since the development of women's football competition with so much can be done to control the potential of women's football, for all the enthusiasm of energy. For example, the following countries recently (end of the year) competition, the excitement generated by these games.


Arriving in Australia in the final battle comes down to buy fifa 17 xbox one coins sit at the top of their respective championships for Germany and France, the top teams. Brisbane Roar and Adelaide United to compete in the women's league semi-final place, and their game is an exciting game for any man could ever be. Sydney FC Brisbane is the better team, and after five straight record their first victory. Adelaide became a winner in the 5-1 Newcastle Jets. The Jets had only allowed four goals all season. Melbourne City Perth Glory beating maintained their winning streak in nine games. Its nearest competitor Canberra Union attended the next step to become beat Melbourne Victory 3-0 match. FUT 16 coins you can use to get the best women's players formed Melbourne.


Let us in Germany, who always sent the top teams move. Bayern Munich in the game thanks to the last day recorded a 2-0 win over Turbine Potsdam to target the formation fifa 17 ps3 coins of a US-born Jina Lai Lewandowski and Dutch-born Vivianne Miedema. Germany is still the defending Bundesliga champions, with 20 wins, six draws and ended in 2015. They have expanded their huge reputation unbeaten 35 games. Munich in the new year full of leading their nearest rivals 12 points. Germany just do not give up.


Olympic defeat Nimes 10-1 and Lotta Schelling scored five goals, and brought honor to himself as the best scorer of the match. Montpellier is the second team, and keep the two points out of the model, although they won a victory in Guingamp. In the two-goal lead 14 minutes after the game, went completely Laetitia Tonazzi and Marie - Charlotte read. Desire Oparanozie cheap fifa 17 ps3 coins strike home team did not change the outcome of the game, however. Paris Saint-Germain beat high heels at home continue to run soyaux first place team. Early goal victory on German international star Anja Mittag set PSG on the road.

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